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  • Let’s join our hands to make a Easy LIFE .
  • आइए हम सब मिलकर अपने जिवन का सपना पुरा करे। अगर आप कुशल कारिगार है, और काम चाह्ते है तो हमारे साथ रजिस्तर(Register) करे।
  • If you are passionate to share your experience, skill, Idea/Clue or any other technical advice to others.
  • Register with us and make your passion live to share with people here.
  • आप अपने आस-पास के सभी तरह के मेकेनिक , कुशल कारिगर और तकनिकी सहायता पा सकते है। ओ भी आपके घर पर साथ ही आपके द्वरा तय कीमत पर।
  • You can find all kind of mechanics, skilled / unskilled labour, teacher, residential place and technical helps near you and many more.. .
We are giving the best services for your best value of money.


My web services

Our aim is simple - to provide affordable web design and development services for different devices.,

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Our aim
Our aim is - to make the peoples life easy and comfortable and to sail the skilled india program by providing Job oppurtunity to skilled persons. Our aim is to create a win- win platform for people, skilled man power and expert.
we are providing know-how about your machinaries, gadgets and domestic aplyances and it's maintenance, self repair guide, guide to use, safety and tricks to save money, fuel (energy) and our environment.

What our client say?
" I can confirm, it will take a couple of days and it is really fantastic. Very flexible, very good support. I really like it."


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    Why our customers satisfied?
    "The filtered data of services and service provider is provided to the custormer free of cost with in no time. Filtered data means services catergory, location and level of skill. Only customers need to search his helpers and now he can bargain for prices and terms of services with the helpers/ service providers by their selves.
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    Why do you register with us?
    "We give online projection of your skill profile, this will enable to move earning efficiency and maximise your chance of earning while moving or changing the location."
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    Why our customers satisfied?
    "The person or organisation registered with are enhancing their chance to earn more by projecting theirselve to more customer. We provide affordable web Services as web design, ..."
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    Who can registr with us
    Technicians, garrage/ workshops, tuters/ trainers, docters/nurses/elderly carer, domestic helpers, training/ITI/skill india institutes, rent/PG/house providers, package movers/tour/guides,etc
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Aumtech (p.) Ltd.
#1, Motihari, Bihar
Phone:   08873853483

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